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The 6th Swine Industry Symposium (Stay tuned for 2021)

1. Symposium Background

Rapid development of large-scale swine production in China

China is recognized as one of the world’s biggest pork-producing countries. With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the mass production of hog has been significantly accelerated and the trend in Chinese hog production is towards large-scale integrated units. The continuous upgrade of China’s feed industry will certainly advance the development of China’s pork production system. Eventually, China will realize the change from a big country to a powerful country in feed industry.

Integrating worldwide nutrition technology, driving China pork industry innovation

In order to keep up with industry trends and to achieve a common interest of production efficiency and profitability for swine operations, we need to bring the world’s top scientists together to solve the most important issues facing Chinese swine production to create breakthroughs and generate new perspectives and ideas. This is our mission.

Chinese Swine Industry Symposium

Chinese Swine Industry Symposium is organized by ASAS‘ Country Representative-China in order to invite the world leading animal scientists to create a platform to bring the up-to-date knowledge and technology to Chinese swine industry. The 2012, 2014 and 2016, 2018 Chinese Swine Industry Symposiums were successful meetings and have brought a lot valuable information to the industry.

Chinese Swine Industry Symposium 2020

The coming 2020 Chinese Swine Industry Symposium will keep the same objectives to be informative, professional, and practical to help our leaders in the industry to find ideas and solutions. This year, we also have an impressive roster of invited speakers, representing America, Europe and Asia. This would be a top-ranked symposium in our industry.

2. Organizers

American Society of Animal Science

Shanghai Gentech Industries Group

3. Date, Place and Participants

Date: Stay tuned for 2021

Place: Shangha, China

Participants: 600-800ppl

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