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Gold Sponsors:
Evonik Degussa (China) Co.,Ltd
Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies.
We don’t produce car tires, mattresses, tablets, or animal feed. However, these end products contain Evonik products - like 4,000 others, too. Often, it’s just a small amount that we contribute but that’s exactly what makes the difference. This is how Evonik makes tires more fuel-efficient, mattresses bouncier, tablets more effective, and animal nutrition healthier. That’s specialty chemicals. And we are one of the best in the world.
Evonik stands for appealing business and innovative strength. We work in a results-focused corporate culture that is geared to profitable growth and increasing the value of the company. In more than 100 countries, we benefit from our proximity to customers, and our leading market positions. More than 36,000 employees are bound by a claim: No product is so perfect that it couldn’t be made better. 
In fiscal 2017, the enterprise generated sales of around €14.4 billion and an operating profit (adjusted EBITDA) of about €2.36 billion.

Beijing Enhalor International Tech Co.,Ltd
Beijing Enhalor International Tech Co., Ltd. is born from the Feed Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Since the establishment in 2000, we focus on animal nutrition, dedicated to developing four animal nutritions, such as premixes, stabilizing VC, yeast culture and liquid fermented piglet feed.
Enhalor Institute of Biotechnology is founded as animal nutrition and health demands-oriented, with five laboratories, namely Aquatic Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Monogastric Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Ruminant Animal Nutrition Laboratory, Micro-ecology Animal Nutrition Laboratory and Lean Production Laboratory. The company has gathered a group of renowned experts in animal nutrition and feed science, biotechnology and other aspects, focusing on animal nutrition R&D, with the scientific staff ratio of 11%, and scientific research investment accounts for 4-5% of the company's total revenue.
Fulfilling the philosophy of “Do everything for beautiful life”, Enhalor has taken the initiative in introducing lean production in the industry to improve product quality, costs and date of delivery continually. Enhalor had implemented the management of quality control and traceability system groundbreaking to achieve full traceability of the product. A series of prospective measures had enabled Enhalor the ultimate competitiveness and the world-wide cooperation partners. And the products of Enhalor are sold in more than 70 countries and regions in Europe, Africa, Oceania, America and Asia.
Adhering to the principle of “Strive for excellence, bring happiness to cooperation partners”, Enhalor has established the twin engine cooperative model of “Quality product and Good method” to be the benchmark for animal nutrition enterprises. Looking into the future, Enhalor will invest all the time and wisdom to devote itself to the research and promotion of animal nutrition and health products. Enhalor will dedicate itself to building a world-class animal nutrition enterprise with innovation and making unremitting endeavor to promote healthy cultivation and improve the quality of human life.

Silver Sponsors:
Easy Bio, Inc.
Pathway Intermediates, an EASY BIO Company
Since 2001, Pathway Intermediates, an EASY BIO company, has been dedicated to research and development for animal health products. We believe that the future of animal nutrition lies in the elucidation of critical metabolic pathways and the identification of natural products that can modulate these systems. Every one of our products is the result of pure science, through this, Pathway provides the most optimal and reliable solutions to each customer.
In addition, the Research Centre at Pathway conducts diverse science investigation including synthetic and analytical chemistry, genomics, and microbiology. This broad range of research enables us to understand and find solutions at the deepest level of science.
Through broad scientific research and development, we provide the most consistent and premium feed additive products for the global animal nutrition market. Each product is strictly controlled under UFAS and FEMAS standards.
Since its establishment in 1988, EASY BIO has grown to become a leader in the livestock and feed additive industry through accomplishing the integration of the farm-to-table process by innovative biotechnology. 
We have been leading the international market by developing the world’s foremost feed additives through our high-end fermentation technologies. Also Pathway Intermediates, a subsidiary of EASY BIO in United Kingdom which has representative office in China and joint ventures with Canadian and British companies is supporting global business of EASY BIO group.
A wide range of our brand products such as Endo-Power, Lipidol, AcceLA, and Fermkito, are being sold throughout the world including North America, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.
Our research infrastructure is constantly developing new eco-friendly materials and products, striving to build up an active global network with the most updated bio-scientific technologies in fermentation, microbes, biochemistry, environmental engineering, genetic engineering, and more.
We have taken a lead role in establishing new standards of the food value chain for the overall improvement of life quality of all people with three core values: ‘Think New’, ‘Keep Challenge’ and ‘Share Value’. We will make our best efforts and contributions to the livestock industry through our top quality products, and state-of-the-art technologies.
Find more information on our website: www.easybio.co.kr 

iCell (Shanghai) Sustainable Nutrition Co., Ltd.
iCell Sustainable Nutrition Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company focusing on generating new value from nutritional by-products by resource utilization. It is committed to integrating worldwide resources and technologies in environmental treatment, biology and nutrition with the aim of protecting environment, recycling resource and delivering sustainable nutrition.
iCell team is composed of highly trained people of 10+years of experience. It also has an advisory team to ensure the best possible recommendations in innovation. Smart and creative thinking is not a burden for iCell team. That is the reason why iCell owns a series of iCell global patented technologies and 40+core patents covering the world's major economies.
iCell has opened a new era in resource utilization of nutritional by-products. It provides innovative solutions for efficient utilization of organic by-products contained in wastewater treatment streams and delivers new, sustainable, premium and all natural nutrition products. Thereby, the value of nutritional by-products is maximized. One of iCell products, HiTechPro, produced by our Taizhou plant, is recognized as Innovative Product by Zhejiang authority in 2017.
Financed by well-known investors IDG, SLC Holdings and Artiman and supported by its strategic investor Pronutri which possesses great global resources and sales network,  iCell operates a plant in Zhejiang, China and is constructing new projects in China, Indonesia and the USA.
To date, iCell has accumulated rich practical experience in resource utilization of nutritional by-products, delivered a sustainable alternative to make up protein supply gap in the world, and also helped partners to improve environmental stewardship.

Shanghai Yuanben Biology Technology Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Yuanben Biology Technology Co.,Ltd is engaged in environmental protection treatment of China’s livestock industry under the aid of Internet with marvelous achievements in the area of non-odor zero discharge ectopic microorganism fermentation bed technology, livestock and poultry breeding wastewater industrial treatment technology, biological deodorization technology on farms, harmless microbial treatment of diseased and dead livestock and poultry (meat and bone meal), livestock and poultry biological fermentation nutrient liquid (biological enzyme), biological microbial fertilizer, etc. Its comprehensive treatment mode has been established nationwide and successfully operated in many pilot projects, such as more than 100 ectopic fermentation beds, large sewage treatment stations and bio-trickling super evaporators, which has earned market recognition from wide users. Moreover, the solid anaerobic fermentation system is exported to Japan, which fills the export gap of environmental protection technology from China. Yuanben has made great achievements in the biological cycle industry chain, and organically combines the various links of breeding, planting, processing and fertilizer with a high input-output ratio, which fundamentally promoted the transformation from the traditional mode of "resource-product-pollution-discharge" to the circular economy mode of "resource-product-renewable resource". 

Bronze Sponsors:
NF Protein, LLC.
Since 1928, NF Protein has been an innovator in animal nutrients. NF Protein specializes in high quality peptide proteins and value-added feed ingredients for animal diets. NF Protein is regarded as an industry leader in peptide protein nutrition with a worldwide reputation and longstanding tradition of excellence and innovation.
NF Protein products are subjected to extensive research and continuous laboratory monitoring, staying on the leading edge and ensuring the highest standards of quality.

APC, Inc. 
APC, Inc. is a world leader in the development of functional proteins for animal health and nutrition. For thirty-five years, APC’s research investments have yielded safe, effective products to improve animal performance in the Swine industry. To learn more about APC and our technology, visitwww.functionalproteins.com.

U.S. Soybean Export Council 
The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) is a non-profit membership organization initiated by the American Soybean Association (ASA) and the United Soybean Board (USB) to conduct international marketing programs for the U.S. soybean producers, commodity shippers, merchandisers, allied agribusinesses and agricultural organizations.
Activities in China
• Trade servicing
•Risk management training
• Advanced feed & production management courses
• Soybean meal quality workshops
• Technology transfer
•Other related activities based on customers’needs

Zhejiang ESIGMA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang ESIGMA Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the R&D, production, sales and service of medicated feed additives (from active ingredients to preparations) with over 200 mus of production bases for fine chemistry engineering, biological fermentation and animal health care products, 500+ employees, 30+ registered trademarks such as"Huineng" and "Nonon", and 20+ national patents. ESIGMA has been conferred the titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Zhejiang Province Innovative Pilot Enterprise", and "Zhejiang Province Patent Demonstration Enterprise", and has become the vice-chairman unit of several Chinese societies and industry associations.
ESIGMA now has two major series products, namely antibacterial growth promoter and coccidiostats, among which Nonon (Nosiheptide) has become a global leading product and the market share of coccidiostats ranks top in China. Over the past 20 years, ESIGMA products sell well in more than 30 provinces and cities in China and more than 40 countries abroad.
ESIGMA has always been committed to the R&D and production of high-tech products with its R&D center recognized as “Zhejiang Province High-tech Enterprise R&D Center” and “Key Enterprise Technology Innovation Team”. The research team undertakes national 863 projects and presided over a major scientific and technological research project in Zhejiang Province. First completed by ESIGMA, the Nosiheptide project was awarded the "Zhejiang Province Science and Technology First Class Prize" and "National key New Product". The enterprise standards of ESIGMA products are higher than the national standards and its production is in strict compliance with GMP specifications, which makes the customers full of confidence in the quality of ESIGMA products.
“Integrity and honesty, people foremost, fraternity and dedication, exploration and innovation” are the core values of ESIGMA. ESIGMA people will build its brand with quality and create the future with its brand.

Shanghai Yuanyao Biological Co., Ltd
Started up with an initial capital of 55,000RMB in 1998, our company was specialized in the distribution of feed ingredients and accumulated the first barrel of gold for the company to grow. In 1999, its business was transformed from the trading of various feed ingredients to exclusive sales of soy bean meal with interest in learning future goods, which set the right direction for the future development of Yuanyao. In 2001, the company set up Liu He Feed Company with three operating and processing stores in Shanghai. In 2002, Yuanyao Trading Co.,Ltd was founded. In 2003, Yuanyao Biological Co.,Ltd was established. By 2010, the sales moved towards a nationwide network with many varieties and the company was developed into three segments: Puyao Trade, Yuanyao Biology and Yuanyao Feed. In October 2003, the company reformed its stock system and officially changed its name to Shanghai Yuanyao Biological Co., Ltd. In January 2016, Yuanyu Soybean meal fermented protein won the “Second Class Prize of National Science and Technology Progress”. In 2017, the business turnover was close to 7 billion RMB. Up to now, the company has developed into a joint-stock company with 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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